Little Miss Keisha

Hand made in Australia from 100% cotton, smocked, embroidered and screen printed in unique graphics and bright prints, Little Miss Keisha is traditional in their construction but modern and bold in their silhouette and fabrication. 

Wiola ry. AW18

Where is the border between illusion and reality?
Such fragmentary perception of other men, has progressed into creation of very graphic, simplified prints and layered garments, wrapping and hiding a body in Wiola ry. AW18 collection.

MAAK Clothing

With the garments made from Vinnies recycled men's button-up tops and the jewellery 3D printed, designer and owner Charne Esterhuizen of MAAK Clothing wants to show consumers that weekly trends does not have to end up in landfill after one wear; instead we can up-cycle and re-use. 

Helena Vólkova

Curious and in depth with an ever-evolving mind for mixed media, Mexican visual artist Helena Vólkova remains in a league of her own. Having studied visual arts in Mexico and New York, Helena carries an authentic aesthetic while diversifying art beyond its realm.

Milena Huhta

Distorted, disturbing, yet vividly psychedelic. Helsinki-based freelance illustrator MILENA HUHTA pours her inner conflicting emotions and mixes it with splashes of fantasy sci-fi, old school anime and folklore.

Chih-Wei Chiu

With a penchant for illustrating a multiverse in the eyes of his portraits, Chih-wei's paintings transports you into a wishful world of sweet happiness and enchanting hopes. 


His illustrations are molded with raw emotion, beauty and an inescapable aura of curiosity yet 20 year old Hieu only just recently switched to studying a degree in Animation & Interactive Media after previously studying two years of Physiotherapy.


With her mix of monochromatic portraits and intense colour palettes tossed with a side of crazy pattern design, Mon.Mon by Monica Sutrisna is a rising brand known for merging the worlds of art and fashion.

Gabrielle Brown

Minimalistic chic meets structural details. From sleek pleats to textured dresses, GABRIELLE BROWN’s ready to wear SS’16 Collection merges refined luxury with three dimensionality.

Lauren Carney

Whimsical characters covered in deliciously sweet colours with a punch of childhood nostalgia. We chat to Brisbane based illustrator LAUREN CARNEY’ on her inspirations and fiery passion for the art industry.

Mikaela Phillips

Driven, resilient, hard-working and enthusiastic. From the star-studded streets of blossoming LA to the sea breezes of Melbourne beaches, the ever so busy MIKAELA PHILLIPS defies all the conventional instincts of someone her age.