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Mikaela Phillips

Mikaela Phillips

Driven, resilient, hard-working and enthusiastic. From the star-studded streets of blossoming LA to the sea breezes of Melbourne beaches, the ever so busy MIKAELA PHILLIPS defies all the conventional instincts of someone her age.

Mikaela Phillips’ first twenty years have been anything but ordinary. Daughter of best-selling author and producer/writer/director Chrys Phillips, Mikaela scored her first professional acting gig at the pint age of 6 and became European online magazine StyleCrooks’ first Head Fashion/Entertainment writer when she was still just a young teenager. By her late teens, she was already surrounded by the sun and palm trees of Los Angeles. Carrying a suitcase full of dreams, Mikaela turned her interest and love for entertainment to reporting and by 18, she became the youngest host for the world’s largest online network Afterbuzz TV, securing exclusive interviews of her own with some of today’s biggest names in TV, film and music. Multi-talented and highly sought after, Mikaela can do no wrong with her creativity. We had to have a chat with the gorgeous superstar about her humble beginnings, passions and work ethics.

You’re a TV host, writer and actress. That’s one hell of a resume. How did you get started?
Ha ha thank you! I got started at a young age performing, with my first professional acting job at around six years of age for a theatre production of Gigi. From there, I always wanted to pursue a career in entertainment and acted in school plays, out of school
theatre companies and productions and began assisting my mum with her work at a young age, which really immersed me more into the entertainment world of publishing and writing.

You’ve also spent the latter years of your teenagehood working in sunny LA. What was the LA experience like?
LA was totally an experience I will never forget! After all, it did become my home for several years. The LA experience wasn’t too much like the TV shows and movies I had grown up watching [laughs] but that being said, it didn’t disappoint at all! The weather is beautiful and consistent; the shopping is amazing and I definitely have my favourite places to visit. I have so many stories from my LA experience, which range from good, to funny, to awkward and of course, some that became life lessons. My LA experience would never have been possible though, if it wasn’t for my amazing mum, Chrys Phillips who packed us up, took a risk and made it all happen!

You also became the youngest person to host Afterbuzz TV at the young age of 18. What went through your mind at that time?
Becoming the youngest host ever to be accepted into and to host for Afterbuzz TV, was unreal! [laughs] It felt so amazing that me, this Aussie girl with a lot of drive, passion and hard work was now getting what felt like a ‘break’ into the industry I love! I remember going into the audition, being the only Australian - and considerably the youngest - and wanting it even more badly! More than anything, it was a huge confirmation to me, that my hard work was beginning to pay off and be recognized and that felt pretty damn good!

What’s a project you’re working on at the moment?
I’m working on a couple projects currently which I’m really excited about! One of them is the Blood Tattoo Trilogy. Blood Tattoo is a newly released graphic novel, which I portrayed one of the lead female characters for in the digital prints inside the novel as well as the teaser trailer.The second one is a TV Pilot titled ‘Counter Play’ which centres around the lives of five main leading characters, residing in the wealthy town of South Point. After a traumatic, near death incident on the eve of high school graduation, Aaron Robertson finds himself newly outcast to the shadows after his ‘best friend’ easily forget about him and what happened that night. Now several years later, Aaron takes on a new identity of the powerful and affluent ‘Jake Spector’ and returns back to town with a vengeful and tactful game play. But no one knows his new identity or that he is back...from the dead! I play Faith Morgan in the series, who is actually Jake Spector’s girlfriend, who doesn’t know anything about his past or connection to South Point. It’s been really fun shooting this pilot. We have a great cast and crew and what I love most is that we’ve all come together to create something more original for Australian drama and television than the same storylines in Australian shows that have been regurgitated for so long.The creator behind Counter Play is Chrys Phillips (my mum!), who has also worked extensively in the arts throughout her life and overseas in Hollywood too. We co-wrote the pilot, which was a really fun process, and I’m really proud of the final product!

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