Cherie Falco

Cherie Falco

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With an abundance of creative talent and a larger than life smile, award winning stylist CHERIE FALCO is an upcoming superstar taking the industry by storm.

From an early age, Cherie had always had the desire and passion for hairstyling. Growing up in South Australia’s beautiful Adelaide Hills,  Cherie had the opportunity to combine her final 2 high school years with the hairdressing course that eventually secured her apprenticeship straight out of school. 

Hairdressing gave the young stylist a chance to style her friends’ hair and create unique looks. Most humbling of all, hairdressing was that special connection she shared with her grandmother. “She used to take me with her to her hair appointments,” says Cherie.

The last few years have been anything short of incredible with Cherie. Already blessed to have her work and dedication recognised in some of Australia’s top hair competitions, Cherie also won this year’s AHFA Avant Garde award, and Hair Expo Newcomer of the Year and SA/TAS Hairdresser of the Year. In addition, she’s recently won a spot on the coveted mentoring program HOT SHOTS in the 2017 Visionary category.

Royals Collection by Cherie Falco

Royals Collection by Cherie Falco

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Growing up, who or what inspired you to become a hairstylist?

Every time I went to my grandmother’s hair salon I looked up to hairdressers in awe and admired their skills and how they changed their clients’ looks. And that was and still is one of the main reasons why I love hairdressing, making clients look amazing and making them feel good, but also loving the great fun environment we get to work in. My family played a big part in my decision to become a hairdresser and continue to be my biggest fans, encouraging me to do better year after year. 

Do you have any industry icons that inspire you?

There’s a number of great industry icons that challenge and inspire me. I’m humbled by how much love, commitment and sharing these incredible artists have for their peers and younger stylists and that inspires me to give back to our wonderful industry. The list of industry icon that inspire me is very long, and my top ones would have to be my bosses Uros Mikic & Mojca Bizjak-Mikic for their commitment to the industry, our salon and team, their business acumen and incredible talent. Angelo Seminara, Indira Schauwecker and Xpresion team for their avant garde creativity that always challenges my own collections and designs. Through a few incredible mentoring programs I had the opportunity to meet, spend time and learn from two of my icons, Sharon Blain and Emiliano Vitale which are experiences I will carry with me forever. Joey Scandizzo and my good friend Nadia Semanic are another two talented Australian stylists I always look at for inspiration. 

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Your “Royals” collection is quite symbolic of strength and power. What was the inspiration behind it?

My collection ‘Royals’ takes you into a world where Crowns become hair. The crown, a symbol of monarchy is showcased in my collection to show power, strength and bring with it a high fashion editorial feel. Each look is intricately sculptured and hand made with hair in form of hair sheets, weaving, plaits and braids which have been sewn together and added elements like leather, wire, plastic lattice, headphones, pearl beads and gold buttons. Fascinated by history of haute couture fashion and avant garde, my inspiration flowed through extensive research from three main areas Crowns, Elizabethan and Baroque coming together to compliment each other.

What surprises you the most about working as a hair stylist?

The main thing would be how much of an impact we can have on our clients’ lives. I think a lot of clients and stylists take for granted the impact we have on their feelings about them selves and the impact we get to have at key points in their life – weddings, school graduation, new jobs, special evening with loved ones, etc. Another thing that always surprises me is how much hairdressing keeps developing, how fast the trends change and how the technology has changed how our clients see the industry and how much they know about trends, techniques and looks.

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HAIR & COLOUR: Cherie Falco | PHOTOGRAPHY: Karla Majnaric | MAKEUP: Sam Vlassis | STYLIST: Zena Najjar & Laura Ciccone | MODELS: Emily Crozier, Maggie Bell, Mia, Zoey Vink @ Finesse Models | SALON: Kinky Curly Straight

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