Helena Vólkova

Helena Vólkova

Curious and in depth with an ever-evolving mind for mixed media, Mexican visual artist Helena Vólkova remains in a league of her own. Her passion for creating experiments mixed with art and drawings stemmed from a very young age. Now having studied visual arts in Mexico and New York, Helena carries an authentic aesthetic while diversifying art beyond its realm.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

From everywhere at every time. Internet, talking with my friends, parties, random stuff on the streets. Tragedy and happiness.

Do you relate to the subjects in your art?

Yes, totally.  I’m currently working on pieces about how memory works, how we create images by mixing memories and delete data. Memory is like an external hard drive, there’s immovable files that you can’t destroy forever. Like when you can’t forget something because it's associated with an emotion, it becomes an error and fragments of imagery. So I’m composing art pieces trying to interpret this mental process.

I also have a B-side: I’m working on a project of illustration, urban intervention and writing with my best  friend, #sadlovers about how technology and social media has transformed relationships and love with a cynical humor . You can find us on Instagram: @sadloversmx

What materials do you enjoy working with the most?

Minerals, acrylic and digital media.

Do you tend to work with particular themes in your pieces or is each piece created organically in the moment?

It could be both, but usually I like to write ideas and then make it. I consider it's very important for a young artist to keep experimenting  more than trying to find a style - that comes naturally. Following a style is not the goal; if you are a creative person you should work on different materials, languages, aesthetics, whatever - like Picasso did!

 What part of the creation process is the most fun, easy and hardest part?

The fun part is when you discover ideas at random moments, it's exciting. The easy part is when from the start you already know how to do it. And for me, the hardest part is knowing that the piece is finished. Must of the time I get obsessed with details.

Other than art, what else are you passionate about?

Music!  If you think about it, what’s more important and transcendent: music or art? I say, no artist can live without music. I also love finding rare clothing, treasures and collect vintage sunglasses. I call them loner pieces.

What style of music do you like the listen to when you are creating?

Vaporwave, lo-fi hip-hop and classical.

And to wrap it up, what’s a quote that you live by?

Sleep less, live longer.

You can view more of Helena's work here:


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