The Lava Project

The Lava Project

Rhiannan Lava was born and raised in the city suburban parts of Melbourne, Australia - a city that has long prided itself as the nation's arts and cultural capital. Having completed her creative studies and with 10 years of experience working in the graphic design industry, Rhiannan is a fresh new artist having just showcased "The Lava Project" at the RAW Melbourne Event.

Where does the name “The Lava Project” come from? 

Having my surname 'Lava' was important as my family have always been very supportive with my creative journey. 'Project' described me creatively. I wanted an outlet to be able to create artwork in different forms whether it be on canvas, tile or anything in between. I’ve always had creative projects that were incomplete and The Lava Project is a way for me to complete, express and show them in one place without limitations.

For how long have you had this passion for art?

All of my earliest and fondest memories are surrounded by art. When I was young, I would sit at home on the weekends for hours whilst my mother was cleaning, Nirvana blaring, and just get lost in my artwork. A pencil and paper and I was content. My family always encouraged and help nurture my love for creativity.

You mostly love to draw with black ink and watercolours. What attracts you to this aesthetic?

The combination of innate beauty and the expressive textures of both the watercolour and black illustration. I have a deep curiosity for the beauty of natural colours and textures which l feel is my comfortable unique style.

I really love the two textures of the black ink and watercolour together. The harsh black ink texture gives the main visual while the soft and wave like textures of the watercolour compliments and softens the artwork piece.

What inspires your artwork?

I enjoy drawing women mostly. Looks of vulnerability or strength is what inspires me most, and I try to capture it. Lots of character, patterns and colour also inspire me.

What materials do you enjoy working with the most? 

l work mostly with watercolour paper and canvas but I experiment with different materials all the time. My artwork is constantly changing in style and mediums. I recently experimented with fabric printing and stretching the artwork material with an embroidery hoop - just another little project.

What does your work space look like? 

At the moment it's my bedroom studio!! Full of my artwork pieces and other creative projects. Music is always playing the background to inspire me and get me in the right mind set.

Other than art, what else are you passionate about?

Music and going to live gigs is something l really enjoy. I also love being outdoors and adventurous.

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