"With Me" editorial featuring Abigail O'Neill

"With Me" editorial featuring Abigail O'Neill


Author & creator of Model Chocolate, mum of 3 grown up children and a 40+ years young model, Abigail O'Neill is an inspiration for healthy living and natural beauty.

Hi Abigail! Please tell us a bit about yourself.  
Hi! I’m Abigail, I love everything Earth conscious and 100% organic, natural. I’m the Author of a raw cacao fashion/beauty recipe book called ‘Model Chocolate’, and I live near Byron Bay.  
You actually didn’t begin modelling until you were 32. With this new age of influencers promoting all these up and coming, different products / fads for beauty, did you ever find it difficult to stop yourself from being consumed by it all?  
Actually no, but honestly it’s never been in my nature to go with what’s trending with anything in my life. Aha! I was eating lentil sprouts and drinking carrot juice back when that was really ‘uncool’! Most things I’ve done back to front, unconventionally, and many times without popularity. I know I would have a lot more ‘followers’ perhaps if I’d collaborated more with brands, but that’s not been my objective. More recently though, I’ve realised so many smaller organic, eco loving brands need my support and so I am open to those! Big time!  


You’ve lived the ‘organic lifestyle’ for over 20 years now. What would you say to young girls who are influenced by all these marketing schemes to purchase beauty/skincare products?   
I’d say, spend your money on raw cacao, those blueberries you’re craving and avocados! You can even put all of those onto your skin! No honestly, the more you nourish your cells from the inside, the less you’ll crave the chemical laden fake ‘foods’ which diminish your true life-long beauty, and the less you’ll need ‘products’ or enhancements as a quick fix.  
Your three grown children now appreciate organic, unprocessed food over junk food. What’s your secret to getting kids to eat healthy?  
I’ve enjoyed making delicious, natural plant based foods appealing over the years, but I suppose the main thing is if there’s not processed, unnatural ‘foods’ on offer children really do naturally love many healthy fruits, vegetables, and whole foods. Plus! They got to each raw chocolate for years when I wrote my book - Model Chocolate as they were my no 1 taste testers!   


What do you always have in your pantry?   
An abundance of dried beans, wild and brown local organic rice, herbs, cold pressed olive oil and spices, shredded coconut, nuts of all kinds, superfoods like goji berries, incaberries dried fruits for every one to raid as they please...raw honey, lots and lots of raw chocolate making ingredients!  
Please give us a run down on what your daily routine is like. 
Ooh, on a Abis going amazing day I’ll get a 4-6km walk in, on other days I’ll just swim at my local waterfall or surf. I always make sunshine, fresh air, positivity, lots of water, along with alkalising (mostly raw) foods an absolute. Rest too, I like to get my 8hrs sleep, to be in bed before 10pm.  


Do you believe in having “cheat” days?  
Never. My cheat days are other people’s healthy days! As in, I’ll have a piece of organic sprouted raw rye toast or some vegan GF DF lasagne on my ‘cheat’ days! The closer you are to nature the less you crave unhealthy or unnatural foods. Besides I can eat my raw cacao for breakfast any day I like, so I instantly feel completely and utterly decadent.  
What are you currently obsessed with?  
Hydrotherapy. But that’s been a constant current obsession for 30 years now! Finishing your hot shower with 30 seconds of cold works wonders for toning, circulation, inner/ outer vibrancy.  


Photographer - Elsa Dillon @elsadillonphotographer

Videographer - Richard Dillon @richarddillon111

Stylist - Gem @gemgemstyling

Hair & Makeup  - Karina Partynski @karinapartynskimua 

Model - Abigail O'Neill @abigailoneill  @modelchocolate 

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