"Flesh Wound" by Marco Espirito Santo

"Flesh Wound" by Marco Espirito Santo


"The video came about as a collaboration between myself and young actress Rebeca Sacasi here in Lisbon. I saw her drama-school graduation performance and thought she was really awesome, really fearless and visceral in her style. So I approached her about working together to produce a short film that would be beneficial to us both. I would get to show off the more experimental and auteur-side of my work, adding another piece to my reel that might appeal to edgier brands for commercial work. And Rebeca would get a nice first reel piece to help her open some doors and get some work herself. All this with no budget but total creative freedom."

"My initial idea was to explore the theme of fearlessness, but we ended up doing it within the frame of sexuality and giving it all a slightly punk, anti-establishment vibe, in part because Rebeca was coming straight off a similar vibe in her graduation piece, and also because I wrote and directed and edited the film myself so the whole production was in essence, very DIY. After that, voice-over artist Andre James did a great job reading the poem I wrote and my mate and ace composer Mikkel Solnado totally nailed the score. And finally, I was lucky to have the folks at Walla Collective do the image and audio post. I am most thankful to Rebeca though of course, who was totally awesome and trusted me completely."

"The production method was one I really love but rarely get the chance to use in commercial projects. It involves shooting a first batch of material with only an emotion or concept in mind. Shooting from the heart and not over-thinking. Then going back and watching that material and writing a first script. Then shooting more. Then watching that material and rewriting the script. Then shooting the last part. It is the polar opposite of what we usually do with commercials, where everything is much more rigid. And it is so refreshing, so much more in line with how one would approach other art-forms, like painting, or sculpture. It allows me to find the film, letting it become what it wants to be rather than forcing it into existence the way my brain envisioned it. I think basically I try to let the heart be the source, and the mind only the tool. It's not always easy though and its a life-long work-in-progress!"

Starring: Rebeca Sacasi

Also featuring: members of Companhia de Outra

Produced by: Marco Espirito Santo and Take It Easy

Written/Directed/Shot/Edited by: Marco Espirito Santo

Voice: Andre James

Original Music: Mikkel Solnado at Great Dane Studios

Color: Andreia Bertini at Walla Collective

Sound Design: Antonio Porem Pires at Walla Collective

Special thanks to: John Serralha, Tiago Matos, Raul Reis, Katherine Masters, Miguel Coimbra, Frederico Cerejeiro, and to Vanessa Teodoro for the awesome mural.

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Jack Rowland

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Max Mackie