Jack Rowland

Jack Rowland

Currently residing in Osaka, Japan on a one year self imposed art residency, 31 year-old oil painter Jack Rowland creates natural landscapes but with high-key, saturated, psychedelic colour palettes, in a realistic style. Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Jack completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts – Painting at RMIT in 2009 and has been painting and exhibiting ever since. 


Your work is a nice mixture of classical styles with a contemporary edge. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

My two largest inspirations have been camping and hiking in nature, and all things psychedelic. Spending time in nature is just one of the best things a person can do. The world is such a beautiful and perfect place and it’s so easy for us to take it for granted. Recently, my wife and I spent 30 days touring many of the national parks of North America, sleeping in a minivan. It has been the main inspiration for my recent body of work.

Psychedelic aesthetics and experiences have played a large role in my creative journey. I love colour and I utilize bright colours in an attempt to reintroduce the viewer to the familiar subject of the natural world through a state of hightened perception.

In terms of classical art, I have always been moved by the Romantics. Caspar David Friedrich and William Turner are two of my favourites.

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What materials do you enjoy working with the most?

Up until the age of about 21 I was always a drawer. But during my first year at uni, I discovered my love for colour and oil painting. Now, I almost always use oils, as well as a lot of digital collaging and manipulation in the planning stages.

What do you feel or how do you feel when you are making art?

All sorts of things really! It can go from meditative and relaxing, to deep concentration, to satisfying, to frustrating with a lot of procrastinating. All in all, it’s my happy place though.

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Other than art, what else are you passionate about?

As mentioned before, hiking and camping are some of my favourite things to do. I love to travel and it’s one of the main reasons I’m always broke. Always saving for the next trip. I love music and attending music festival and just getting silly with my friends.

What style of music do you like the listen to when you are creating?

All sorts of different stuff. My go to music is usually hip hop, psychedelic rock and a bunch of electronic and dance music. Some favourites would include The Doors, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Ocean Wisdom, Kodiak Kid, Griff, Auramechanics, Kalya Scintilla and Tipper.

Also, I listen to many podcasts while painting. Duncan Trussell and Ram Dass lectures are frequently played.

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Larry Jay SS19 Collection

Larry Jay SS19 Collection

"Flesh Wound" by Marco Espirito Santo

"Flesh Wound" by Marco Espirito Santo