Milena Huhta

Distorted, disturbing, yet vividly psychedelic. Helsinki-based freelance illustrator MILENA HUHTA pours her inner conflicting emotions and mixes it with splashes of fantasy sci-fi, old school anime and folklore.


His illustrations are molded with raw emotion, beauty and an inescapable aura of curiosity yet 20 year old Hieu only just recently switched to studying a degree in Animation & Interactive Media after previously studying two years of Physiotherapy.


With her mix of monochromatic portraits and intense colour palettes tossed with a side of crazy pattern design, Mon.Mon by Monica Sutrisna is a rising brand known for merging the worlds of art and fashion.

Lauren Carney

Whimsical characters covered in deliciously sweet colours with a punch of childhood nostalgia. We chat to Brisbane based illustrator LAUREN CARNEY’ on her inspirations and fiery passion for the art industry.

Tash Bianca

Neon colours, hip hop, and that oversized, multi-coloured anorak you thought you left in the 90’s. TASH BIANCA’s art is that sweet spot between the ‘...Baby One More Time’ MV and the finale episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.